Nania Announces Becky Thompson as New Strategic Energy Advisor

Warrenville, IL (November 13, 2017) – Nania Energy Advisors is celebrating the growth of one of our A-players! Becky Thompson has been a valued team member of NEA for almost 5 years. After being a part of the Energy Solutions Team, Becky has accepted a position as a Strategic Energy Advisor within our organization.

Nania Energy Advisors Acquires Broker Energy Business From Goby

Warrenville, IL (May 23, 2017)-Nania Energy Advisors, a leader in providing energy procurement and advisement services to commercial and industrial clients throughout the United States, announced they have acquired the broker energy business from Goby, creators of the commercial real estate cloud, the leading data and analytics platform for the commercial real estate industry. The […]


Comparing January 2018 LMP Prices to the Last Polar Vortex

By Michael DeCaluwe January 17, 2018 – Taking a look at this year’s index power prices vs. those we saw in the last polar vortex, most markets are mirroring what we saw then. At that time, prices rose higher as the cold continued. We’ve seen the same initial burst of cold weather this season. If […]

Index Power Price Alert – January 2018

By Michael DeCaluwe January 10, 2018 – For those that have their electricity service priced under an index agreement, you have seen record low costs throughout 2017 due to our unseasonably mild weather over this past year. However, the brutal cold we saw at the end of 2017 sent index prices soaring to some of […]

Nania Energy Advisors Welcomes Michael Janowski as New Creative Marketing Strategist

Warrenville, IL (November 13, 2017) – Nania Energy Advisors is thrilled to announce that Michael Janowski has joined our team as our Creative Marketing Strategist. He brings a unique skill set and enthusiasm to marketing that we can’t wait to incorporate into our business and culture.

Nania Welcomes Andrea Brockman

Nania Energy is excited to announce that Andrea (AJ) Brockman has officially joined our team. We have been anxiously awaiting her arrival since she was hired back in December 2016. AJ will be working along-side our veteran sales representative Calvin Cornish to better serve the community living and real estate sector of the Illinois market.

Ask An Advisor: What Is Your Risk Tolerance?

Risk Tolerance

Risk tolerance is one factor that you need to consider when choosing an energy product. Check out this month’s Ask An Advisor video to learn more! To stay up to date on the latest energy trends, subscribe to our newsletter. Follow us on LinkedIn!

Pros & Cons of an Index Product

Pros and Cons of an Index Product

By Michael DeCaluwe Occasionally I will get asked about what is a better energy solution — fixing energy or selecting an index product. Answering that question involves both understanding what an index product is and knowing your specific energy needs and risk tolerance. What is an index product? On an index product, your energy rate […]

FAQ: Are Energy Brokers Crooks?

Are Energy Brokers Crooks?

By AJ Brockman Some C&I energy purchasers are wary of working with energy brokers because they’ve been burned in the past. Prospects have expressed these fears about working with a broker: “Brokers favor some suppliers over others and don’t give you ‘true’ numbers.” “They don’t give you a true apples-to-apples comparison.” “Brokers aren’t transparent about […]

3 Advantages for Multi-Facility Energy Managers

3 Advantages for Multi-Facility Energy Managers

By Michael Zaura Do you know why you’re awesome? If you’re reading this, you probably manage the energy for more than one facility. And that’s not the easiest job, so the fact that you’re making it work makes you awesome. As a multi-facility energy manager, you have some opportunities available to you that single-facility managers […]

Energy Broker vs. Energy Advisor

Broker vs. Advisor

By AJ Brockman In the video above, we shared with you the three main differences between an energy broker and an energy advisor. Regardless of who you choose to work with, your advisor or broker should perform specific functions to ensure you’re getting the information and assistance you’re looking for. Below are 5 questions you […]

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