Project Description

You want unique solutions that increase your efficiency and generate revenue.

What You May Be Facing:

  • Uncertainty in demand due to Covid
  • Volatile raw materials costs
  • How to increase workplace safety and source PPE

You’re looking for:

  • Confidence in the purchasing process
  • Outside-the-box-solutions
  • A consultant you can trust

As a manufacturer, you’re looking for unique ways to reduce operating costs, increase efficiency, and generate additional revenue. Our advisors will present you with a diverse array of options and solutions to choose from and help you streamline your energy purchasing process.

Solutions to Explore

Demand Response


Peak Load Management


Reverse Auction


Our Manufacturing Specialists

“Energy utilities can be a large expense, and our partners rest assured that the Nania team has their needs at the forefront of everything we do.”

“It’s my goal to help you understand the options available to you, identify the impacts on your facility, and help you put your long-term goals in action.”