Energy Efficiency

Including an energy efficiency upgrade in your energy strategy can extend the life of your equipment and help you reach your energy goals.

What is an energy efficiency upgrade?

Energy efficiency is the process of eliminating wasted energy. Over time, your equipment naturally becomes less energy efficient and uses more energy to perform the same task. Upgrading your equipment helps you reduce your facility’s energy usage and gives you peace of mind that your equipment is in peak condition.

There are a variety of efficiency upgrades to choose from.

Innovative ways for consumers to be more energy efficient are being discovered every day, and upgrades come online frequently. Here are some of the most common projects we’ve helped our clients accomplish.

LED bulbs and fixtures can reduce your energy consumption from lighting by up to 80 percent.
A building automation system uses a control system to automate control of various systems within your facility, optimizing your facility’s energy usage.

Efficient motors and drives can cut energy usage by up to 60 percent and extend the life of your equipment.

Upgrading or replacing your HVAC equipment can boost efficiency by as much as 20 percent.

Efficient and upgraded water boiler systems can lower energy costs, boost productivity, and make your space more comfortable.

How do you determine which upgrade to do first?

The first step in tackling an energy efficiency upgrade is to do an energy audit, which identifies efficiency opportunities in your facility. Your advisor uses the results of the audit and helps you prioritize efficiency projects based on available financing options and utility rebates.

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We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Your energy advisor will help you plan your project, recommend vendors, review vendor proposals, and guide your through financing options for your efficiency upgrade.

On-Bill Financing: A popular way to pay for an efficiency upgrade.

If you want to upgrade your equipment but you don’t have the capital to pay for it up front, consider looking into on-bill financing. Under this option, your supplier pays for the cost of the project, and you repay the supplier through a small fee on your monthly utility invoice.

See it in action.

This video gives you a before-and-after look at a lighting upgrade for one of our manufacturing clients. This client saved over $30,000 annually on their electricity costs and had a payback period of 2.7 years.


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