Ongoing Services

Our job doesn’t stop after you sign an agreement. Our Energy Solutions team works behind the scenes with your advisor, supplier, and utility to ensure you’re taken care of. 

Seamless Transition Process

The process for switching suppliers takes some time, but our team makes it easy and does it all for you. We confirm your utility enrollment, draft up termination letters for you to use, and provide any additional documentation you might need.

Invoice Audits

Any time you start a new agreement, our Energy Solutions Specialists automatically review your first invoice to ensure your rate, billing address, and applicable tax exemptions are correct. But if you run into an invoice issue later in your agreement, don’t worry! Let your advisor know, and we’ll work with the supplier on your behalf to resolve it.

Annual Budgets

Knowing your forecasted energy costs can simplify your overall budgeting process. Annual budgets based on your fiscal year or calendar year are available upon request.

Market Monitoring

The energy market is constantly changing, and an opportunity could come at any time. We’re monitoring the market for you, and your advisor will reach out when the opportunity strikes.


Reach out to an advisor today to see how Nania Energy can help your facility achieve energy success.

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