A solid electricity strategy aligns with your company’s risk profile and sets you up for future energy success.

What are the sources of electricity generation?

Coal, natural gas, renewable sources, and nuclear are all sources of power generation in the US.

What factors impact the solution you choose?

Your advisor will explore your organization’s risk tolerance, goals, and planned efficiency projects to help you determine which solution is right for you.

Your electricity cost is made up of five components.

Additional charges and taxes may apply based on your facility’s location.

Ancillaries Losses Transmission Capacity Energy


30-50 miscellaneous charges put into a catch-all bucket


Energy lost as heat during transmission that utilities can recoup costs for


The charge for the power going across transmission wires from the grid to the end usage point


A reliability charge based on when and how you use power during peak times


The power generated from raw materials such as natural gas, coal, and green sources

What are my options?

Your advisor will help you customize a solution that meets your electricity needs. Here are three of the most common ones our clients choose.

Fixed All-In

Ideal for clients focused on budget certainty

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Fixed w/ Pass-Through

Higher potential savings for efficiency-focused clients

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Best for clients looking for a high risk, high reward solution

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Electricity FAQs

Monthly demand, natural gas rates, and regulatory changes are some of the external factors that can affect electricity rates.

You can choose to pass through any components that you would not like to include in your fixed rate. The two components that clients most commonly pass through are capacity and transmission.
We recommend you start looking at electricity options 8-12 months in advance of your current agreement’s expiration date. This gives your advisor plenty of time to monitor the market and prepare to act when the market hits the price point you’re aiming for.


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