The Secret to Timing Your Energy Purchase

The Secret to Timing Your Energy Purchase

By Sarah Rousseau When it comes to buying energy, decision makers usually go by two rules of thumb: Wait to buy until rates are at their absolute lowest, and Only buy in the “off-months” (winter for power, summer for gas). These strategies may have worked in the past, but they aren’t conducive for today’s evolved […]

Energy and Portfolio Property Management

Energy and Portfolio Property Management

By Calvin Cornish There are a lot of factors that go into managing an association’s energy: Keeping track of when contracts expire Obtaining bids from multiple suppliers Timing your energy purchase correctly to see the most savings Presenting the pricing during more than one board meeting (because they rarely decide on the first day) Now […]

3 Benefits of Energy Deregulation

Benefits of Energy Deregulation

By Kurt Backert 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of energy deregulation in the United States. Natural gas suppliers were able to sell natural gas directly to consumers with the Natural Gas Wellhead Decontrol Act of 1989, and power producers could do the same with the Energy Policy Act of 1992. Since the inception of energy […]

Nania Energy’s New Year’s Resolutions

Nania Energy's New Year's Resolutions

By John Nania Our mission at Nania Energy Advisors is to make energy easy so you can be successful. As CEO, it’s important to me that our business offerings solve our clients’ problems and give them a competitive edge. In 2018, prospects and clients approached us with 3 major concerns regarding their energy strategies: Transparency […]

Be Tech Savvy with your Energy Purchasing

Be tech savvy with your energy purchasing

By Becky Thompson The Digital Age has caused major overhauls in many business sectors, and the energy industry is no exception. New technology available makes managing your energy easier than ever. Let’s say you want to lock in a specific rate. You can receive automated emails letting you know when the market has reached that […]