Project Description

We get energy for higher education. We put our energy into delivering sustainability strategies without busting your budget, so you don’t have to.

What You May Be Facing:

  • Higher energy usage from increased indoor air quality control 
  • Lower student enrollments 
  • Limited time and money 

When it comes to energy, you’re looking for: 

  • Ways to meet your sustainability goals 
  • Long-term cost management 
  • A transparent and fair purchasing process 

Higher education institutions use, and view, energy differently than most industries. Our advisors get energy, and they’ll help develop solutions to meet and exceed your sustainability initiatives while exploring ways to get money back for projects you’re already doing.

Solutions to Explore

Green Energy


Demand Response


Efficiency Rebates


Our Higher Education Specialists

“Energy utilities can be a large expense, and our partners rest assured that the Nania team has their needs at the forefront of everything we do.”

“Our partnership may start with resource-saving procurement but continues with responsive service for invoicing and utility matters, evaluating market risks and opportunities, and forecasting costs for budget planning.”