NESG Solar Process

The Nania Efficiency & Solar Group (NESG) is our division dedicated to delivering a client-focused approach to solar. Our streamlined process will make it easy to go solar so you can stay focused on your organizational goals.

Here are the Steps:

1. Initial Feasibility Study

To help decide if solar is a good fit for you, we offer an unbiased feasibility study. At this stage we will also help you evaluate ownership and 3rd-party financing options.

2. Request for Proposal (RFP)

If you decide to move to the next step, we will then oversee a competitive RFP process with our large network of solar suppliers to ensure that you don’t overpay while maintaining highest quality products and workmanship. We will also evaluate all proposals and provide you with our expert recommendations among supplier options.

3. Contract Negotiations

Our significant experience with energy contracts can be put to work on your behalf so you receive favorable terms from the winning solar suppliers. We understand what is negotiable and what isn’t and can help facilitate healthy contract negotiations.

4. Project Due Diligence & Savings Verification

Although the goal is to establish a win-win partnership between your organization and the successful solar company, we will continue to be a technical resource for you during project construction.


Reach out to an advisor today to see how Nania Energy can help you on your sustainability journey.

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