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Hi! I’m Sam Greenberg, and I am a strategic energy advisor representing Nania across the Mid-Atlantic.

In this week’s Two-Minute Tuesday, I’m going to dive into specifically what energy advisors do, and how we can help your company through our services.

Energy Broker vs. Advisor

When put simply, a broker only shows up when it is time to renew your contract, regardless of where the market is at that time.

What we do as advisors is take an all-inclusive approach to energy management by:

  • monitoring the market for best times to buy,
  • helping you identify areas of opportunity like demand response, and
  • connecting you with some of the best resources across the country for completing an efficiency project.

The energy industry is complex, and energy procurement is even harder to navigate. It is our goal to make energy buying not only easy, but make it an area of opportunity for your company when it comes to budget stability and reducing expenses.

By consistently monitoring the market, keeping you up to speed with the newest regulations, and providing strategic advice for execution, being an energy advisor is an ever-evolving line of work. But, it’s one that is extremely rewarding when we see our clients being set up for success.

If you have any questions about your business or would like to speak further about taking advantage of your deregulated market for energy, feel free to reach out me or any of my colleagues. My contact information is below.

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