Nania Energy Advisors Saves Maryland Clients Over $450,000 Ahead of Law Change

Baltimore, MD: By identifying an opportunity in Maryland’s new Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) increase, Nania Energy Advisors saved their Maryland clients $457,104 in total forward RPS costs over the term of agreements signed in July, August, and September 2019. The Clean Energy Jobs Act mandates that 50% of Maryland’s energy comes from renewable energy sources by 2030. The change in law allowed a grandfathering period for customers to lock their current RPS costs for the duration of any electricity supply agreement executed before October 1st.

Mike Eckenroth, Nania Energy’s Mid-Atlantic Senior Energy Advisor, recognized the risk and potential opportunity for clients. Once the regulatory cost was confirmed, he constructed a unique strategy for each client that aligned with their risk tolerance and purchasing methodology to maximize their benefit.

The Nania Energy team mobilized to communicate the law change with all potentially impacted clients. “It’s not often that we have the chance to completely avoid a new regulatory fee in the energy industry,” Mike wrote in his blog post.

Due to Mike’s initiative, his clients — even those currently under contract through 2021 — will keep their electric costs low. Some clients executed agreements for as long as 5 years to avoid the cost increase. Customers in the manufacturing, hospitality, and property management industries took advantage of the opportunity.

“Mike…ensure[d] we are on track to meet the state of Maryland requirement of using 50% renewable energy by 2030,” said Chris P., the general manager for a large condominium association in Baltimore. “Mike was actually able to lock us in at an amazing rate…[and] to be 100% consumers of renewable energy, and by doing so we will actually be saving even more!”

About Nania Energy Advisors. Nania Energy Advisors identifies these savings opportunities for Commercial and Industrial clients in all deregulated markets, which sets them apart from traditional energy brokers. They help clients develop their overall energy strategies, focusing on energy procurement, demand side management, and efficiency efforts. Nania Energy is headquartered in Warrenville, IL, and has been in business for 20 years.

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