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April 14, 2021 – What should you expect at a virtual tradeshow? In this video, Calvin Cornish, CEM discusses the format of virtual events and shares some tips on how to make the most of your experience.

Video Transcript

When it comes to finding information on the latest industry trends and best practices, you likely turn to blogs, articles, newsletters, or weekly videos such as our Two-Minute Tuesdays. 

While these are all good sources of information, few things top conferences and tradeshows for getting current and timely information in an efficient manner. Tradeshows in particular are great opportunities to get live answers to your specific questions on multiple topics.

Obviously, a lot of shows were cancelled last year, and while smaller events are starting to come back,  this year many of the larger ones are moving to online platforms. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what in the world that would look like and how to get the most bang for you buck out of a virtual tradeshow.

So in this week’s video, we’ll be talking about what to expect from a virtual event and a few tips for making the most of your experience.

What’s different at a virtual tradeshow?

At a typical event, you expect to have exhibit hall time between presentations when you’ll walk the show floor. You’ll visit a variety of booths, collect information, and ask questions. If you’re lucky, you may even win a prize or two. Afterward, there’s usually a cocktail hour or another networking event where you can catch up with some folks you missed.

At a virtual event, there are virtual booths which are like mini websites hosting a variety of content. You’ll be able to download those same informational sheets, but there may be links to articles and videos in addition to them.

As far as exhibit time, there generally will be time for visiting those booths. But there will often be 24-hour access or even over multiple days of a full conference where you can go back and visit those same virtual booths.

As far as communication, you can expect to see features like:

  • Live chat
  • Video chat
  • Links to private Zoom meetings

within these virtual booths.

Virtual Tradeshow Attendee Tips

Now here are a few quick tips for making the most of your next virtual event.

1) Plan ahead!

Review the directories and presentation topics to help you spur questions. Jot down a list of questions and which exhibitors you think would have good answers.

2) Schedule booth visits with key vendors.

Look to schedule booth visits with key vendors outside of the designated exhibit time so that you can make the most of that time in meeting new folks.

3) Write notes and questions during presentations.

Note question within a presentation so that you can follow up with those when you get out on the virtual floor.

4) Can’t make a presentation?

Schedule a session with the presenter. Then, during the exhibit time, find similar companies to visit and get a second opinion.

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