Video Transcript

Hi! This is Michael DeCaluwe from Nania Energy Advisors, and happy 2021!

You know, 2020 brought a lot of challenges. It meant working from home. It turned Amazon and Instacart into verbs. Your baby monitor is now next to your laptop. As we look into 2021, we want to review our Two-Minute Tuesdays — topics we covered last year and what we have planned moving forward.

In 2020, we reviewed such things as utility rebates, percentage swings and gas products, and what an energy advisor is and does. We try to keep these videos under two minutes, but it usually depends on who’s giving the video whether that’s successful or not.

The information we provide is geared to be actionable items that you can apply to your own individual energy strategy.

As we look to 2021, we’re excited to hit the ground running and continue to provide valuable content. If there’s any specific topics that you want to see covered, please feel free to reach out. Otherwise, look for further videos on Tuesdays, and good luck to you in 2021!

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