Nania Energy’s New Year’s Resolutions

Nania Energy's New Year's Resolutions

By John Nania

Our mission at Nania Energy Advisors is to make energy easy so you can be successful.

As CEO, it’s important to me that our business offerings solve our clients’ problems and give them a competitive edge.

In 2018, prospects and clients approached us with 3 major concerns regarding their energy strategies:

  • Transparency in commodity purchasing,
  • Green energy legislation, and
  • Ways to save money on water bills.

Our Resolutions for 2019

In response to these concerns, here’s what you can expect from Nania Energy Advisors in 2019.

1) More transparency and supplier accountability

There are hundreds of brokers and suppliers with pricing and products that can meet your needs — there’s no denying that. We aim to outdo them all by becoming more transparent because you deserve to know how the energy purchasing process works.

To help meet this goal, we’ve created an in-house reverse auction platform. The platform gives you rate transparency, drives down rates by 7-10% compared to other procurement methods, and hold suppliers accountable by logging bids with time and date stamps.

2) Representation in Springfield

The newly-elected state officials have promised sweeping energy legislation that will significantly impact Illinois businesses and residents.

As the largest energy advisor in the state and a founding member of The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA), Nania Energy Advisors will be representing you and all of our clients as one voice as this energy legislation unfolds.

3) An Expanded Product Mix

Clients are always asking us if we can help them save money on their water bills.

To meet this need, we’ve added the SmartValve™ device to our product offerings. Its easy installation process and quick ROI make it a great option for clients who are new to energy efficiency. With this device in our tool belt, we’ve transformed ourselves from energy advisors to commodity advisors — helping you with power, gas, efficiency projects, and water.

Nania Energy Is On Your Side

We’ve chosen these three resolutions to uphold our company mission — to make energy easy so you can be successful. As someone who started in this business 28 years ago, I’ve come to know the marketplace and what our clients expect from us. We’re continuing on in our quest to be the best, and I can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring.


About the AuthorStrategic Energy Advisors John Nania

John has been an energy professional for 28 years. He is the Chief Energy Officer and Founder of Nania Energy Advisors, providing energy services to over 10,000 facilities in 13 states. He has an MBA and is a frequent speaker at energy industry conferences.

John can be reach via email at

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