How a strong electricity & natural gas strategy lowers market risk and controls energy costs.

Your strategic energy advisor guides you through every step of tailoring an energy strategy that protects your business, including:

Step 1

Needs Analysis

Your strategic energy advisor does a detailed needs analysis to uncover your company’s energy goals and identify any possible risks.

Step 2

Easy Quote Process

Our experts guide you through a streamlined multi-supplier quote process to find products that fit your needs and your budget.

Step 3

Market Monitoring

Your strategic energy advisor identifies opportunities through market monitoring to reduce energy costs and reach your goals – now and beyond.

Electricity Supply

Electricity can make up as much as 20% of your total annual budget. Your strategic energy advisor helps reduce and control this big-ticket item with:

  • Fully Fixed Solutions:

    Ideal for clients focused on budget certainty

  • Fixed with Pass-Through Options:

    Higher potential savings for efficiency-focused clients

  • Index Solutions:

    Best fit for clients with high risk/reward tolerance

  • Hybrid Solutions:

    Perfect blend of risk and certainty to offset market fluctuation

  • Green Energy (Wind, Solar):

    To meet company initiatives or government regulations

Natural Gas Supply

Nania Energy Advisors has over 78 combined years experience in the deregulated natural gas industry. Your strategic energy advisor creates cost-saving strategies based on your goals and budget. Our tailor-made solutions include:

  • Fixed Price, Fixed Quantities:

    Best fit for clients looking for budget certainty with slight risk on usage above/below fixed volumes

  • Fixed Price, Full Swing:

    No second-guessing. Fixed supply rate for 100% of actual usage for accurate budgeting and minimal risk

  • Layered Solutions:

    Perfect blend of risk and certainty to offset market fluctuation

  • Managed Programs:

    Ongoing, proactive purchasing strategies that cover 100% of clients’ usage and provide long-term risk management.

History of Supply Choice

  • 1990

    Natural Gas Choice begin in IL for C & I customers

  • 1997

    Electric Choice begins in IL for Large C & I customers

  • 2002

    Electric Choice available to all C & I customers

  • 2006

    The Retail Electric Competition Act

  • 2008

    First Residential Customers Switch to Alternate Electric provider

  • 2013

    IL Electric Rates among 10 lowest in US

National Service Map

Let’s find an energy strategy that meets your needs, saves costs and helps your business grow.

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