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April 27. 2021 – How does Maryland House Bill 110 affect HOAs and condominium associations? In this video, Mike Eckenroth, CEM discusses this new EV charging bill.

Video Transcript

It just got easier to charge your electric vehicle in the state of Maryland. In this week’s Two-Minute Tuesday, we’re going to talk about the “Maryland Right to Charge” bill, which has big implications for homeowners and condominium associations in Maryland.

What is Maryland House Bill 110?

Maryland is about to join eight other states to prohibit homeowners and condo associations from arbitrarily denying permission for an owner to install an electric vehicle charging station. Previously, covenants and restrictions could be enacted to forbid the installation of EV charging equipment, but that is about to change.

House Bill 110 and Senate Bill 144 were passed earlier in April and will go to Governor Hogan’s desk for signature, where they’re expected to be signed into law. The new law would be effective October 1, 2021.

Along with prohibiting EV discrimination going forward, the bill also makes null and void any existing bylaws which may have outright prohibited EV installation.

Instead, approval of EV charging equipment installation must be considered an architectural modification by the associations and evaluated as such.

House Bill 110 includes a helpful table on page 2.

Maryland HB 110 Page 2

While the evaluation of the EV charging equipment installation is done by association’s board, all costs, insurance, and liability fall on the condo or homeowner.

If you have any questions on how this new Maryland regulation could affect your association, please feel free to reach out to me directly. My contact information is included below.

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