February 4, 2021 — Are you a manufacturer looking for some ways to save money on your energy costs? This video series is for you! In the first video of the Manufacturing Energy Success series, Senior Energy Advisor Michael Zaura highlights the three points we’ll be talking about in the month of February.

Video Transcript

Hello! My name is Michael Zaura, and I’m a Senior Energy Advisor with Nania Energy Advisors. Thank you for watching!

This month we’re doing a video series for you, the packaging manufacturer. Each week we’ll be discussing a new topic that will help make you successful in 2021 in regards to your energy plan.

  • Topic #1: Knowing the importance of the end date of your electric or gas agreement and the impact it could have on market timing.
  • Topic #2: Demand Response and how it creates another revenue stream for your facility.
  • Topic #3: Energy efficiency. We’ll walk through the process that can help you reduce your gas or electric usage for your facility.

So those are the three topics we will cover in this video series. And I look forward to sharing these topics with you each week. Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you next week!