Your Easy Guide to Selecting the Right Commercial Energy Product

Your Easy Guide to Energy Procurement & Product Selection

By Sarah Rousseau

April 23, 2018 – So many options. So many details. So many “what-ifs…”. What does it all mean?

There is no disputing that energy procurement is extremely complex. The process takes a lot of time (something that, let’s face it, you don’t always have in great supply). It requires evaluating several factors between your business needs and the energy market. One of the most important to consider is product selection.

My clients tell me all the time that when it comes to picking the right product, they simply don’t understand their options. They have a solid grasp of their own business challenges, but it’s difficult to determine what product is right for their business with those challenges in mind.

Strategic Energy Advisors empower clients to make these decisions by bringing all that complexity down to an easy-to-understand level. Whether it be electric or gas, product selection comes down to understanding your needs, knowing your risks, being informed and taking advantage of your opportunities – not only when buying, but after the transaction is over.

Understanding your Energy Needs.

Allowing your Strategic Energy Advisor to perform a needs analysis will uncover your must-haves and help you define your risk tolerance (what you can or cannot afford to lose). Answering a few simple questions in the beginning phase of energy purchasing can really make a difference and will help position you to select the perfect energy product.

Knowing your Risk Tolerance.

Energy markets will experience volatility, which is normal and healthy. My job is to help you navigate those periods of uncertainty with the security of the perfect product. After performing a needs analysis, I use the risk tolerance spectrum below to help clients identify their organization’s place on the spectrum and their complementary product options.


Commercial energy products risk tolerance spectrum.

Being Informed of your Energy Product Options.

Understanding how energy products align with your organization’s risk tolerance is essential before making a decision. Envision your organization in the description of each product and see if the benefits cover your needs.

Fully-Fixed Energy Products.

Fully-fixed solutions are designed for customers that have little to no tolerance for market risk. These low maintenance options are a good fit for those who need to know their costs upfront and like the peace of mind that those costs will not change during the term of their agreement. That certainty allows businesses to make other long-term decisions without worrying about unexpected increases in energy costs. It’s a straightforward option with no surprises.

Benefits of Fully-Fixed Energy Products

  • Budget certainty
  • Peace of mind
  • Easy
  • Protection from market volatility = high

Managed Energy Products.

Managed solutions are designed for clients with a slightly more moderate tolerance for market risk. With the help of a Strategic Energy Advisor, a client will develop a plan for making fixed purchases throughout the term of an agreement that is in line with their goals. Outlining timing, triggers, and percentage locks are some of the ways to remove the guesswork and make a managed solution successful without regular maintenance.

Benefits of Managed Energy Products

  • Flexibility to take advantage of market opportunities
  • Clearly defined purchasing strategy
  • Protection from market volatility = moderate
  • Balanced buying approach

Layered Energy Products.

Layered solutions are designed for clients with a moderate risk tolerance. With these solutions a portion of the clients’ energy load is on an indexed or variable rate. The client and their advisor make decisions to layer-in fixed volume purchases at opportune times throughout the term of the agreement. The decision to lock in a fixed layer may help take advantage of historic low market pricing, or it may be to mitigate the risk of an upward trending market. No matter the reason, this solution provides customizable flexibility.

Benefits of Layered Energy Products

  • Flexibility to take advantage of market opportunities
  • Power to make regular purchasing decisions
  • Protection from market volatility = moderate
  • Balanced buying approach

Indexed/Variable Energy Products.

Index solutions are designed for clients that have a high tolerance for market risk. They are particularly valuable for clients who work closely with Strategic Energy Advisors and who are comfortable with the dynamic nature of the market. With their entire load floating on a variable rate, they can take full advantage of market lows and have the flexibility to lock in fixed purchases at any time.

Benefits of Indexed/Variable Energy Products

  • Avoid paying risk premiums
  • Take advantage of low market prices
  • Flexibility to lock in fixed purchases
  • Protection from market volatility = low

Taking Advantage of your Opportunities.

The product selection process is full of opportunity. Products with greater risk give you greater flexibility to take advantage of falling market prices. In contrast, products with lesser inherent risk will also possess less flexibility but provide you peace of mind that comes with price certainty. It comes down to finding which product is right for your organization.

Now that you have a better understanding of energy products, you should schedule an appointment with your energy advisor to discuss your opportunities. Strategic energy advisors add a personal touch to energy purchasing and will help guide you through each step of the complex process.

About The Author

Sarah has been in the energy industry for over 11 years. Her background is in customer care, account management, pricing and energy solutions.

As the Director at Nania Energy Advisors, she oversees all internal core functions of the business including marketing and client relations. Her forte is understanding how energy pricing and events affect the course of the market. She most enjoys being an advocate for clients and helping make things easier for them.

Sarah holds a Bachelors in Psychology from Illinois State University. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her daughter & family, yoga, traveling & watching college basketball.

Sarah can be reached via email at or via phone at 630-225-4553.

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