5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Bad Energy Brokers

5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Bad Energy Brokers

By Kurt Backert March 26, 2018 – Clients tell me all the time: “I get a call every day from one of you brokers. It’s getting to be overwhelming.” I get it – it’s tough trying to figure out who you can take seriously in the energy industry. The marketplace has become flooded with “brokers” […]

Your Energy Efficiency Project: 100% Funded with On-Bill Financing

Energy Efficiency Upgrades Funded by On-Bill Financing

By Mike Eckenroth February 12, 2018 – What comes to mind when I say “energy efficiency”? There was a time where energy efficiency seemed out of reach for many organizations. Upgrades were too expensive. Technology was too new or too complicated to implement. Results and success stories seemed too good to be true. But in recent years, […]

Demand Response: What It Is & What It Can Do For Your Illinois School District

Demand Response can help generate revenue for your Illinois school district.

By Michael Zaura January 29, 2018 – The two questions I get asked the most when speaking to public school administrators about demand response are: What is it? What can it do for my district? In short, demand response is a program that helps ensure reliability for the electricity grid by getting customers to reduce […]

Illinois School Districts on Energy: To Group Buy or Not to Group Buy

School board meeting room. Decision time: to group buy for electricity or natural gas or not?

By Becky Thompson January 15, 2018 – As an Illinois public school administrator, you hold an enormous amount of responsibility for your district. You have a finite budget, and what you spend is public knowledge. With that kind of transparency comes the expectation to spend it responsibly. No pressure, right? Considering that schools in the […]

How Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Add Value to Your Property

Electric Car Charging At Public Station

By Calvin Cornish December 28, 2017 – When it comes to innovation, you can either reject it and try to compete or embrace it and find new ways to grow your business. In my experience, I’ve found that only one of these really ever has any success. While still in the early elite stages of […]